The skatepark is often a haven for skaters everywhere. A safe area with obstacles and ramps you wouldn’t normally find in the street. In some areas, it’s the only place where you can try out new obstacles and really push yourself. But, it can also be very intimidating and scary for new riders. You don’t want to get in other people’s way or crash into somebody while they’re doing their line. But by following these simple guidelines, you’ll be able to feel safe at the park.

  • Wait in line and don’t be a snake

If there’s a line of people who want to ollie down the 5 stair, don’t cut in front of everybody else. This is probably the most annoying thing you’ll find others doing. If you’re not sure if anybody else is going, just ask them.

Whenever you go up to a new obstacle or space in the park, just wait your turn and make sure no one else is going in that general area so you can avoid hurting yourself and others.

  • Be aware of your surroundings

The skatepark is a fast moving environment. You have skateboards, bikes, scooters and everything else you can think of moving around and flying about. Always look around you before you do your line. The last thing you want is to crash into someone and hurt yourself or others. So always look around and make sure the coast is clear. 

Most skateparks are meant to flow from one part to the other smoothly, so it’s always good to check all the possible areas that people can come in from.

  • Don’t rest your board on the coping if you’re not dropping in

One thing you’ll find is people just standing on their board on a ramp while someone else is doing their line. While this my not seem like a bad thing, you run the risk of the board dropping into the bowl while someone else is doing their line, or they may be going where you are. For a safe distance, stand a few feet back and go when the coast is clear.

  • “Board!”

Every once in awhile, you’ll hear someone yell “Board!” at the skatepark. This is simply to signify that their board is either shot up in the air and could fall, or it got away from them while doing a trick. If this happens to you, be sure to yell board so it doesn’t hit someone else. Taking a skateboard to the head isn’t a pleasant experience. 

  • When in doubt, communicate

Communication is key at a skatepark. Not sure if someone’s going down an obstacle? Ask them. Someone’s sitting down on a bench you want to do a trick on? Kindly ask them to move. You don’t need to be snotty or mean about it. Everyone at the skatepark is there to have fun, so the nicer you ask them, they’ll be more than willing to do it. 

  • Don’t be mean or rude to the kids

This really should go without saying, but if you see someone who’s younger and learning, try to help them out. Don’t yell at them or make them cry just because you probably could. We all have to start somewhere, and you don’t want to be the reason why that kid quits skateboarding all together. 
If they keep violating any of the other guidelines, talk to the parents if they’re there. This is a good way for the parents and kid to learn what to do and what not to do at the skatepark. 

And that’s basically it! If you follow these, you’ll have a great time at the skatepark. And if you violate any of them, an apology will normally do the trick. So grab your gear and head off to the skatepark!

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