Backside 180 Tutorial

Today I am going to teach you how to Backside 180!

The Backside 180 is one of those tricks that tends to come difficult to most people, but hopefully with this video and article it will become easier.

For the foot position, your back foot is going to want to be directly in the middle of the tail of your board to make sure you can pop a solid ollie because this trick is essentially just a 180 and an Ollie.

Your front foot is going to want to be about halfway up the board or between the middle of the board and the bolts.

One secret to this trick is you are going to want to turn your shoulders and head as you are dragging your foot up for the Ollie.

The trick is you are going to turn your head and shoulders as you are popping your board so by the time your tail hits the ground your head and shoulders have already started turning. Hopefully the timing is making sense.

If you are doing it right by the time you are getting your Ollie about halfway you should be about 90 degrees.

So to recap you are going to want to:

  1. Feet in ollie position.
  2. Bend down and as you start to pop, start turning your shoulders and head.
  3. Pop the board and as you push your front foot forward to the ollie, flatten the board and you should be at about 90 degrees in the air.
  4. Do the other 90 degrees.
  5. Land with your knees bent.
  6. Roll away!

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