How to Ollie Tutorial

An ollie is one of the most fundamental skateboarding tricks that many future tricks are built on. It actually took Aaron Kyro 6 months to finally get his ollie high enough to get it over a garden hose! Don’t be discouraged if you have been working on it a while and can’t seem to get your board off the ground.

The key is breaking the trick down and working on each step over and over until your muscle memory just clicks in.

A quick first step you can take is starting your with your back wheels in a crack in the sidewalk. This will help you from slipping and just make it easier to focus on getting the Ollie down and not worry about the balance as much.

You are going to need to know the foot positioning. Your back foot is going to want to be in the center of the tail and your front foot is going to want to be about halfway up the board, pretty close to the center at a perpendicular angle.  When you pop the board you are going to want to push straight down with your back foot, straight down towards the ground. Practice that a bunch of times to get the feeling down.

The next step that a lot of people get wrong is dragging your foot up. Sometimes beginners think that your toes are dragging when in reality, it is supposed to be the outside-center of your foot. So you pop, turn your front foot ninety degrees and then slide your front foot forward towards the nose of the board and jump.

Lastly you want to push the board forward slightly and lift your back foot up off the ground while pushing your front foot down to level out your feet.

You can practice these steps individually until you feel comfortable with the motions. Once you are comfortable you can work on putting them all together but the key is PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE!

Ollies can be the hardest trick to learn for beginners but if you practice the steps you CAN master it!

For the full break down on exactly how to ollie with all the practice steps, get Skateboarding Made Simple Volume 1. This is an incredibly detailed lesson plan that will always keep you progressing and getting better on your skateboard!!