Kickflip Tutorial

Are you ready for Kickflips?

I don’t know how many times we have seen the very first trick someone tries to learn be the kickflip. This will set you up for failure. It is VERY important to learn tricks in an order of progression. This is what makes Skateboarding Made Simple so effective. It lays all the practice steps out in an exact sequence of progression so you are always improving.

That being said, the kickflip is one of the coolest and most fun tricks there is, so it’s understandable that everyone wants to learn it first!

The first thing to know about this trick is the foot position is very, very important.  

Your back foot is going to want to be in the center of the tail standing on the balls of your foot.  Your front foot is going to want to be behind the bolts at about a 45 degree angle. It is important to get your feet into that position and then start practicing the flick.  

The flick is key. For this, you can just bend your knees and practice sliding your foot up the board and off.  You want to flick off the front side of your shoe and off the corner of the nose. This is by far the most important detail of the Kickfiip.  

One detail that is often missed is people tend to think you flick down with your foot but in reality you want your foot to flick off the front corner of the nose up and out, not down.

To get comfortable with this you can practice flipping the board and then stepping off with your back foot and trying to catch it with your front foot.  This will get your comfortable with the motion of the flip and the timing of it.

Once you have this down try it again but this time, once you pop proceed to bend your back leg and let the board flip under you.

Wait for the board to flip all the way around and catch it once you see the griptape.

Land with your knees bent and roll away.

This will probably take a bit of practice but stick with it and you will get it!

For the full tutorial that will teach you all the exact practice steps for learning the Kickflip get Skateboarding Made Simple.