So you’ve decided to start skating…

That’s great! The first thing that you’ll need is a skateboard.  This can potentially be a tricky time for first time buyers with all the different sizes of wheels and boards it can seem confusing.

We can help you!

Here are the basic components:

You can buy a complete board which is pre-assembled or you can pick out each piece individually. We have pre-assembled complete skateboards in our shop.

Skateboard Decks

If you choose to pick out each piece the first item you will need is a deck. Decks come in tons of different sizes and some come in different shapes.  What we advise is a typical round nose and tail deck. Usually, skateboards have the nose just slightly larger than the tail so you can tell which direction to skate the board.

The size typically varies from a 7.5”-8.5”. If it is much bigger or smaller than that the board will be hard to skate but whichever size you choose it really up to your personal preference. As a rule of thumb, smaller boards will be easier to flip but will have less control, wider boards will have more control but will be harder to flip. Aaron Kyro rides an 8.0’” deck. It really has little to do with foot size. Stand on a deck and see which size you like the best!


Griptape is the sandpaper type coating that covers your board so your feet don’t slip around. Usually you want this to be very grippy, but it does come down to preference on how much grip you want. Applying griptape is simple and I’ve included a video down below that will show you how to put it on.


This is the nuts and bolts that attach your trucks to your skateboard. Most hardware in skate shops will work for your new skateboard. Keep in mind however if you get hi trucks or riser pads you may need longer hardware.


The next thing you will need is trucks. An easy way to pick these is hold them up to the bottom of you skateboard deck and make sure the axel where the wheels go on doesn’t stick out wider than the deck is, that will help you determine if the trucks fit on the deck!  They have different styles and some are higher, some are lower. Low trucks are the standard but once again it is really up to whatever you think will feel most comfortable.


For wheels, the standard is anywhere from 49mm to 54mm. The bigger wheels you choose the better they will roll over small cracks and pebbles but the heavier they will be. Smaller wheels will not roll over cracks as well but they will be lighter. Street skaters usually have wheels around 52mm. If you want to skate bowls and transition, larger wheels might be more for you. Once again like most pieces of your board it all ends up depending on what you feel most comfortable with!


Bearings are the metal pieces that go in your wheels to let them spin!

Bearings are rated on a scale called ABEC which ranges from 3-9. The higher the number the better they spin. They also have bearings that they call “swiss” or “ceramic” which essentially are high ABEC rated bearing designed to spin as fast as possible. If you are new to skating, you can get away with a lower/cheaper bearing but eventually you are going to want to get decent bearings which will last longer and keep you skating!

And now your board is complete! I have included a video that will show you all these parts as well as one that will teach you how to put it together.

More tips on how to pick your board

We think its super awesome that you’ve decided to start skating. I hope this helped guide you on how to go about getting your first board. Best of luck and most of all remember to have fun!