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everything you need to skateboard



Braille Skateboarding was started to help everyone learn how to skateboard.

Aaron Kyro has worked with thousands of skaters of all levels and has isolated the exact practice steps in the exact order to take you from a beginner to advanced skateboarder. With his full lesson plan Skateboarding Made Simple, you will start progressing and having fun on your board!

Skateboarding Made Simple is not just another tutorial. You will learn how to land tricks and also learn how to push yourself so that you do not give up on your skateboarding. Aaron lays out the exact ways to move your body and feet to make the skateboard do what you want it to do.

Don't struggle trying to learn tricks in the wrong order or with the wrong form. Do what hundreds of thousands of people have done and get Skateboarding Made Simple.

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The Skateboarding Trick Guide

The Skateboarding Trick Guide lays out 24 tricks with accompanying free tutorials. It is a resource for you to use to try new things and learn tips to take your skateboarding to the next level.

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Skate Support

Running into trouble and need our help to get you unstuck? Don't panic! We can help you. Click the button below to go to our dedicated Skate Support page where we'll save the day and guide you to success.

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Everything You Need to Skateboard

We put together a full skateboarding shop so you can check out all Braille approved gear and apparel. We have everything from complete skateboards to wheels, shoes, trucks and hardware.

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Interested in getting private skateboarding lessons?

Get private skate lessons from one of the Braille Crew at our Private indoor Skate Park in San Leandro! At only $50/h, this is a great opportunity to master skateboarding with a pro to guide you.

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Learn to Skateboard Challenge

This year we are pushing skateboarding progression all over the world with the Learn to Skateboard Challenge! The first goal is for our community to learn 1000 tricks. Start progressing and tag your Instagram posts with @brailleskate and #brailleskateboarding #Learntoskateboard - Submit your tricks on our submission form and you will be featured on our social channels!

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