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Learn to skate challenge - Braille Skateboarding

Learn to skate challenge

We are on a mission to teach 1000 new tricks!  It doesn’t matter what level you are in skateboarding, just film yourself learning a new trick and then challenge a friend to learn one too and keep it going.

Submit your YouTube or Instagram videos using the form below and tag them #Brailleskateboarding so others can see and join in.

The videos will be numbered and posted in the order received.  Have fun learning how to skateboard and increasing your rank in the Braille Army.  We are pushing skateboarding all over the world!

    Need Help Learning a Tick?

    On our website we have free resources that will help get you progressing with your skateboarding! Our Skateboarding Trick Guide will show you basic tricks with simple tutorials that will get you progressing right away. If you want to really start progressing fast, get Skateboarding Made Simple. Skateboarding Made Simple is not just another YouTube tutorial. It is an in-depth lesson plan that will take you from beginner to master. Skateboarding Made Simple does not only teach you how to do the trick. It trains your body and mind so as you progress you will never look at learning to skate in the same way. You learn tools to break down tricks into exact practice steps so you will always be progressing and never give up!

    Get Skateboarding Made Simple