Ollie Definition

An ollie is a skateboard trick where you pop the tail of the board off the ground to get your board up into the air while riding it.

Ollies are the foundation of almost every trick we see nowadays!

Learning to ollie well is one of the most important things you need to focus on if you want to become a master.

Start with your whole front foot somewhere in middle of the deck. Have your back foot somewhere on the tail where you’d feel comfortable jumping from. Crouch down and jump, using your tail to pop off the ground, lifting the nose into the air. As this is happening, slide your front foot up on the grip towards the nose. This is what actually “grabs” the board and carries it up, along with the force of the back foot’s pop.

Once you can get 4 wheels off the ground simultaneously, you are now an ollie-er! Now you can start learning all kinds of tricks!

Ollie Tutorial

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