Aaron Kyro Warrior Complete

(18 customer reviews)


Each part of this complete is of high quality material and great for any skateboarder no matter their skill level. We believe that high quality equipment is easier to learn on.




This package includes a fully assembled board!  It includes the following (please note it will come to you fully assembled and ready to ride).

Revive Deck (1)

Wheels (4)


Grip Tape

Bearings (8)

Trucks (2)

Quantities limited! Order right away! 


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**ATTENTION** Please be aware that if you live in the EU you may be charged a VAT tax upon import. Please consult your local post office to see the rate for your country as it varies from country to country.


Additional information

Weight 81.9 oz
Dimensions 33 × 8.5 × 5 in

7.75, 8.0, 7.5, 8.125, 8.25, 8.5, 8.375

18 reviews for Aaron Kyro Warrior Complete

  1. Cooper Helvey

    What size are the wheels

    • Chloe Holmes

      We usually use 52 or 53, but you can request whichever size upon checkout

  2. jacks

    yall should make videos with more of your bords

  3. Hi

    It’s revive

  4. Daniel (verified owner)

    What kind of grip did this come with?

    • Braille Shop

      Came with MOB grip

  5. Levi Belcher

    @Hi Braille is revive I’m offsetting your 1 star get rekt

  6. heath

    how much extra to post australia

  7. amy

    Hello, I have a few question.
    can I buy this item in Australia?
    If yes , can I have a detail of shop name , contact number and website ?

  8. Micah Mysiuk (verified owner)

    I’m a fat dude, so they sent it to me with hard wheels, by request. Probably going to upgrade the bearings in a few weeks.

    This is an awesome board to learn to skate with. Highly recommend.

  9. Micah Mysiuk (verified owner)

    This is an awesome board to learn to skate with. Highly recommend.

    • Chloe Holmes

      Thank you for your support!

  10. Tristan

    Do the boards come fully set up?

    • Chloe Holmes

      Yes they do 🙂

  11. Tristan

    Are you going to restock soon

  12. Coby Colpitts

    I love the fact that’s you DIDNT buff yourself up like a naruto character lol

  13. Abraham

    What bearing does it come with pls respond

  14. jstahl13

    Just received this board, ready to ride. Right out of the box I was in awe of how amazing the graphic is and how well it is put together. This board is fantastic as is, though I will be changing out the reg Braille bearings with Bronson raw bearings tomorrow. This board is definitely much better than I thought it would be when I purchased it less than a week ago. BRAILLE TEAM, you guys are fantastic, keep doing what you are doing and will be spreading the word to everyone I know.

    • Erika Totanes

      Hey there,

      Thank you for your comment! We appreciate your support. Glad we were able to help out.

  15. Colby Falast

    Hey I know this isn’t gonna get to Aaron directly but I just want to say I purchased one and I used it so much today and the grip tape is a very strong one. Let me explain, i had a little trouble adapting to this griptape than to others but I’m not mad because it’s so much easier to frontside 180 because my feet can stick to the board easier so I would like to say I’m very impressed and would like to see more from y’all in the future, and also I love ur vids DO NOT STOP making them please they keep me entertained when ever I’m not skateboarding,

    Your biggest fan

  16. dragon trainer

    do you guys deliver the boards overseas?

    • Erika Totanes

      Hi there,

      We do ship internationally to select countries. The best way to find out is by inputting your shipping information during checkout. The checkout page will then calculate a shipping cost. If you received a shipping cost, then you’re good to go!

      Hope this helped. For more information, please contact us at shop@brailleskateboarding.com

  17. Max Wymer

    Hey whoever is looking at this
    Um can you please tell me, does the board when you order it ASSEMBLED does it have that naruto grip tape that Aaron has in those videos or is it just blank
    If I can get the naruto grip tape please do put that one on. Thanks!

    • Melissa Pope

      Hi Max,
      Unfortunately, we don’t have the Naruto griptape for sale. An assembled complete comes with black Jessup grip tape as a standard. Stay tuned for more styles and colors coming to the website soon!

  18. Alan

    If you want it unassembled and you ask does it really come unassembled

    • Devin Weber

      Yes if you write in your order note unassembled okay it arrives unassembled

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