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A much more affordable way to ride! In the interest of getting anyone and everyone on boards, we’ve released a completely blank deck. This is a deeply discounted board while still maintaining high quality.  The only difference between this and our other decks is the design.

Now comes with a free sticker pack!

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Using good quality gear is very important to your success in skateboarding. Cheap boards tend to be harder to learn on.

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Blank Deck (1)

Quantities limited! Order right away! 


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Weight 41.5 oz
Dimensions 33 × 8.5 × 5 in

7.5, 7.67, 7.75, 8.0, 8.25, 8.5, 8.125, 8.375

12 reviews for Blank Decks

  1. Trento

    I love that you offer this. It makes it easier to skate when u dont have the money to afford 50 bucks a week or two for a new deck

  2. Clyde Brillantes

    Hi so i dont want to spend a lot of money on my boards coz i break it or wont last long to me easily so ive been looking for a affordable board that still skate like any other boards. So im just wondering if this board has a medium concave? Steep? Or flat? And if the board has full nose and tail or just regular deck?And i live in canada which im wondering how many days would it take to arrive if order one?

    • Chloe Holmes

      It’s a medium concave. It’s got a regular nose and tail just like our other Revive boards. International shipping generally takes between 7-10 business days to arrive. This does vary depending on your country’s customs process.

  3. Keagan Ellis

    These are good quality boards, and very affordable. I like to get the blank ones so that I can draw my own design on the bottom.

  4. Chloe Holmes

    Yes, you can get it here Amazon Link

  5. Caleb Weatherford

    I’m from Kansas and I was wondering how long it would take to arrive

  6. Levi Foster (verified owner)

    i love this deck, very affordable and high quality just like all the Braille/Revive decks! and it shipped in 2 days! thank you to everyone on the Braille team!

    • Chloe Holmes

      Thank you for your support!

  7. Jaron Martinez (verified owner)

    I like the deck but there is about inch and a half from the bolts to where the tail rises which means I cant get enough pop to have maximum ollies

  8. Daniel Hita

    Does this board come with grip tape?

    • Braille Shop

      The blank deck does not come with grip tape. It is just the deck itself.

  9. Curtis

    I wear a size 8 shoe in men’s what would be a good board size for me

    • Braille Shop

      size 8 is always a good place to start

  10. Curtis

    I wanted to help support and get a new deck, so I bought a blank. Am now waiting for the package!!!

  11. Quinito

    Is there shipping costs?

    • Braille Shop

      Yes there is.

  12. Curtis

    I am satisfied with my order, I would recommend this product. Very high quality, AND IT COMES WITH A STICKER PACK. Thank you braille team.

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