Dough Boy Complete!

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We got our hands on Nigel’s latest decks! They’re sick! Check them out! We love Nigel! And we love the dough boy.

Each part of this complete is of high quality material and great for any skateboarder no matter their skill level. We believe that high quality equipment is easier to learn on.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


This package includes a fully assembled board!  It includes the following (please note it will come to you fully assembled and ready to ride).

STS Deck (1)

Wheels (4)


Grip Tape

Bearings (8)

Trucks (2)

Deck Information:

  • Medium Concave
  • Length of deck is 31 and 1/2 inches
  • 7ply decks made from 100% hard rock Canadian maple. 
  • These are truly the best boards we can manufacture.



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**ATTENTION** Please be aware that if you live in the EU you may be charged a VAT tax upon import. Please consult your local post office to see the rate for your country as it varies from country to country.

Additional information

Weight 81.9 oz
Dimensions 33 × 8.5 × 5 in

7.75, 8, 8.25, 8.125, 8.3, 8.5, 8.75

83 reviews for Dough Boy Complete!

  1. Moises Barriga

    I can’t even put them In my cart says need to select options but what options I put the board size and it does not go to my cart

    • Devin Weber

      I think it is referring to the deck size, and if you are choosing a size not in stock it will not allow it to go into the cart.

  2. Ayden

    Nice deck, good parts. Perfect for any skateboarder new or old. I personally enjoyed it and I think you will too.

  3. Houston

    5 stars

  4. Jacob McIntosh

    Thinking about buying just wondering about the wheels I’m just getting into skating and mainly gonna skate street would the wheel be good for that?

    • Chloe Holmes

      Yes, absolutely. Just enter a note upon purchase and we’ll make sure we get the best wheels on there for you

  5. R.D.

    My mom got me this as a present for being good and I love it! The deck is super cool, the trucks are great, the wheels are perfect, and the bearings roll really well! I went to the skatepark the other day with my friend and this board, and my friend and a few other people having a break over at the benches thought my deck was sick, and so did I. I recommend this board to anyone who’s looking for one, beginner or pro. (I’m between beginner and average)

  6. Araceli prado

    Can they sell more

  7. Araceli prado

    Can you guys make more size 7.75 and 8 please thank you

    • Chloe Holmes

      Yes! They are back in stock!

  8. John

    My board just came in today and it is the smoothest skateboard I have ever ridden. I think I will buy everything I need for skateboarding here.

  9. Chloe Holmes

    No particular weight limit

  10. Karen

    Hey I want to start skating and deciding if this would be a perfect fit for a new beginner what do you think I’m quite undeceive… :/

    • Chloe Holmes

      Yes, this is a great choice for a beginner. We always encourage beginners to get high quality equipment as it is easier to learn on.

  11. Jaeden Smiley

    I’ve recently purchased this item not being signed in the money went through but haven’t gotten a confirmation about it being shipped do i need to worry or not?

    • Chloe Holmes

      Go ahead and email with your order information and we’ll look into it and make sure it gets to you ASAP.

  12. Mahlee

    is this board in nzd or usd?

    • Chloe Holmes

      It’s USD

  13. Jimmy

    I’m basically a complete beginner with a size 6.5 shoe is this deck too big?

    • Chloe Holmes

      It’s a preference really. I would recommend a 7.75 or 8.00

  14. Jacob

    My friend got this skateboard an I ordered it 3 day ago and am in el cajon how many days will it take for it come???

    • Braille Shop

      You should have received tracking info in your email!

  15. Sidney Albers

    Do you ship to Germany?

    • Braille Shop

      Yes we do

  16. Max

    I’m an absolute beginner that started about a week ago and I already have a board but it’s not a high quality one so I want to get this one but I’m not sure if it will survive on the street in reading (England) since the street is incredibly rough and rarely smooth

    • Braille Shop

      Hey Max, That board will hold up well. Just be sure to include that you would like a softer and bigger wheel in your order note so that it will ride easier through the rough terrain.

  17. Natalie

    I just wanted to know if this board will be good for both cruising and tricks ?? I’m a beginner looking forward to buying this board just need a answer to my question.

    • Braille Shop

      Yeah, It is great for that. Might want to get a bigger size if you will be cruising around a lot.

  18. Connor

    What kind of bearing and wheels come with the complete?

    • Braille Shop

      Independent bearings and OJ wheels

  19. Jack McDowell

    First off this board looks sick and from what I’ve heard it’s great for a beginner (me). But I’m still not sure what size board I should be getting I know it’s preference but I would like some input from someone who is experienced on skating. I’m a size 11 men’s shoe.

    • Chloe Holmes

      I would recommend size 8.0. It’s the safest bet and is the most popular size.

  20. Lucia

    Hi! I got into skateboarding a while ago, but don’t own my own board. I was wondering what size I should get (I’m a women’s 8 in shoes) pls answer soon, thank you!

    • Chloe Holmes

      Try out size 8.0 and see how you like it

  21. Natalie

    When is this gonna restock ?

  22. Will

    Was about to purchase but all out of stock 🙁

    • Chloe Holmes

      We’re getting these back in stock today! Stay tuned!

  23. Kobe

    When will you restock size 8?

    • Chloe Holmes

      They will arrive today!

  24. Frozeacrylic (verified owner)

    How long would it take to be delivered?

    • Braille Shop

      It usually takes about 2-5 in the US and 5-10 business days overseas.

  25. Blake Nguyen

    I like this board a lot but I don’t have the money for this
    I wish it was cheaper but same design

    • Braille Shop

      This board should go on sale the next time we have one. Keep an eye out for the sales so we can get you one

  26. Jonathan

    Hi , I still havent bought this board for one reason what does STS mean thats all but actually if I have a small foot what size board should i get also i love Braille skateboarding.

    • Chloe Holmes

      It means Spread the Shred.

      Thanks for your support!

  27. Jonathan

    Hey, I’m just wondering what STS means I still havent bougbought the board but I’m hearing good reviews so.

    • Devin Weber

      Oh that is short for Spread The Shred, the name of the board company Nigel started.

  28. Alexander Jamieson

    Hey when will you guys have more of the dough boy
    complete? I really like the 7.75, I would like to purchase one

    • Braille Shop

      Should be back in stock in about a week or two.

  29. Alexander Jamieson

    When will you guys have more of the Dough boy complete?

    • Braille Shop

      We should have those back in stock in about 2 weeks. Depending on size. Bigger sizes won’t be in stock for a little while.

  30. Angel

    I know this is a dumb question but does this skateboard come with grip tape? Just being safe

  31. Evan

    I was wondering are these hard or soft wheels made for tricks or cruising long distances.

    • Braille Shop

      Wheels that we have are mostly for tricks.

  32. Chase Cronrath

    can you get some more 8.25 boards in stock please

    • Braille Shop

      They will be in stock in the next week or two!

  33. Leif

    Hey I was wondering I’m a size 9 shoe and I want to get a 7.75 but I will want to do more than just skate park stuff like just riding around as well I’m wondering what size board I should get I want to learn lots of tricks and also what’s the best trucks brand

    • Braille Shop

      A 7.75 will be good for that.
      Some of the top truck companies are Independent, Thunders and Ace.

  34. Anahi Maciel

    Hey I was wondering if the skateboard will be good for cruising and doing tricks on it? And are the 53mm good for cruising?

    • Jen Latch

      Hey! This is a great all around board. For cruising some people like larger softer wheels.

  35. Yeina

    What grip tape does this come with ?

  36. Dave

    I was wondering, I’m 13 years old and am looking for a good beginner board. Would this board size 7.75 be a good pick for me?

    • Jen Latch

      Yes – that is a good size!

  37. Salvador

    When will 8 restock?

    • Chloe Holmes

      Should be in the next 2-3 weeks

  38. JEFF (verified owner)

    Hey i was wonder what type of bearings and wheels and grip tape this comes with

    • Braille Shop

      Hey there,

      Currently this comes with Braille Bearings/Trucks, MOB and OJ wheels.

  39. Gabe

    So I am a beginner and I’m gonna buy this board. Are there any suggestions on pretty much anything that you would give. I’m gonna do tricks and cruising I think. Thank you in advance.

    • Braille Shop

      Just make sure to get a width that you are comfortable standing on and that you ride your board ALL THE TIME!
      We will get you set up right!

  40. John Michael

    I was about to order this board, but before I did, I wanted to get some input on what size to order. I know it’s personal preference but I’m kinda new to skating and wear a size 13 shoe. Thanks.

    • Braille Shop

      Hi John Michael,

      We recommend getting a size 8.3 or 8.5.
      Thanks for commenting! Feel free to contact us at if you have any more questions about your purchase.

  41. Braden

    Hey Braille I was wondering what kind of wheel I would need if I usually ride on the pavement but also ride on concrete?

    • Braille Shop

      Hi Braden,

      Try out the OJ Keyframes! Thanks for commenting!

  42. Tessa

    Can you guys make size 8 more?

  43. Aidan

    I wear a size 10 shoe but i am only around 5.5 what board size would you recommend

    • Jen Latch

      8.0 is great.

  44. Geo

    Hey, I’m 13 years old and want to get into skating, would this be a good brand to purchase my first board and would a size 8 be good for me ( my shoe size is 8 1/2 US)

    • Jen Latch

      Yes – this is a perfect board for you and a size 8 will work well.

    • Braille Shop

      Hi Geo,

      We always recommend purchasing a quality board for a quality experience, and provide that with our complete set ups. I recommend you try a size 8!
      I hope this helps. Thanks for commenting, and good luck out there!

      – Erika from The Braille Shop

  45. Jonah

    Hey I have a question if I wear a 6-1/2 youth male shoe what size do you recommend?

    • Erika Totanes

      Hi Jonah,

      I wear a 6.5Y in Mens as well, and I’m comfortable on a size 8 or 8.125 board!
      I hope this helps, but remember, it’s all to your preference.

      Please use promo code THANK YOU to get 10% off your purchase.
      If you have any other questions for the shop, please feel free to contact us at!

      – Erika, Community Manager.

  46. Mason

    Hey can we get some more 7.75 in stock for this board. Im planning on getting it

    • Erika Totanes

      We hope be restocked soon! Follow our Instagram (@brailleskate) to be one of the first to know when we do!

  47. Noah

    If I wear a size 13 what type of board should I get, also I’m just beginning skating and i think this board is cool is there anyway I can get random colored wheels instead of white

    • Erika Totanes

      Hi Noah,

      I would consider 8-8.125 for you, but everyone has their preference.
      We currently do not offer graphic wheels at the moment, but will hopefully soon when we restock!

  48. Vicente

    Hey, I am a size 7/ 7.5 and I was thinking of getting a 7.75 I am barely getting into skating and I want to learn a lot of tricks like kick flips, varial flip, etc.

    What size do you think would be best?
    7.75 or 8?

    • Braille Shop

      I would go to a 7.75 first and get use to it.
      Either 7.75 or 8.0 is great for flip tricks though!

  49. Jackson

    I’m conflicted about whether to get this board or Aaron’s dragon board. Someone help me!

  50. Jackson

    When are you guys re-stocking on size 8 boards?

    • Erika Totanes

      Hi Jackson,

      Thanks for commenting. We should be restocked soon.
      Please email us at for any shop related questions!

  51. Jackson

    About how long will the size 8 board be in stock? Because I’m trying to decide whether or not I should order it now to be safe or I can wait to the middle of April

  52. Riley

    One of my friends have one and he let me try it theyre amazing i want to get one of my own as im new to skating

  53. Bailey

    Hey, I need some help on what size to get because my birthdays coming up and I really want a skateboard I’m 5,10 and am size 10.5 us men’s also pretty new to skateboarding

    • Erika Totanes

      Hi Bailey,

      All skaters have their own preference, but we recommend trying a size between 8.125-8.25.
      Thanks for commenting!

  54. KingDragon

    I want to know what size board I should get. My shoe size is 12

    • Erika Totanes

      Hi there,

      An 8.25-8.3 might be your size. However, it really depends on what type of skating you’re trying to achieve. At the end of the day, it’s all your preference.

  55. Jack

    Will these be back in stock anytime soon?

    • Erika Totanes

      Hi Jack,

      We hope to get some more in stock soon! You can follow us on Instagram (@brailleskate) or join our mailing list to be notified of any restock updates.

  56. Tyler Handy

    What size wheels does this board come with, I’m a beginner and I’m deciding to get this board soon and I want to know what size wheels are good for tricks.

    • Erika Totanes

      Hi Tyler,

      Wheel size may vary depending on availability. For tricks, you may want to consider smaller wheels as they’re lighter and can help with flip tricks. Please email us at for more information.

  57. Jaxon Hurtado

    When does the 8 come back in stock?

    • Erika Totanes

      Hi Jaxon,

      We hope to get some more in stock soon! You can follow us on Instagram (@brailleskate) or join our mailing list to be notified of any restock updates.

  58. jaxonh7

    When will more size 8 completes be back in the store?

  59. henrybwhit (verified owner)

    I have size 9 feet and got the 8.25 because the 8 was sold outI am just starting skateboarding is that a good size.

  60. Alberto L

    Before I get the board, im usually going to just cruise, what do i do to get bigger softer wheels?

    • Erika Totanes

      Hi Alberto,

      Unfortunately we only carry 101a wheels for our completes, but we do offer wheels as big as 55mm. For more shop related questions, please email us at

  61. Sanchay

    Hey y’all, can you restock the 8”? I’m so eager to buy this 😬

    • Chloe Holmes

      Yes! They should be here within the next week or 2.

  62. Clay Johnson

    I see you may get Braille bearings and trucks, are they the same quality as independents? I’m wanting to make sure the bearings are good.

    • Chloe Holmes

      Yes, they are good quality. Right now we have Bones Bearings or Mini Logo Bearings going with completes. You can add a note upon checkout if you’d like specific ones.

  63. Molly

    When ordering the board are we chose if we want harder or softer wheels, if so how?

    • Chloe Holmes

      Hi there, you can make a request when you checkout in the “Customer Notes” section. We cannot guarantee we have it in stock, but we’ll do our best to honor the requests.

  64. Eli

    I ordered a board but how do I choose the wheel size I wanted 53s but I didnt know if there was an option on that

    • Chloe Holmes

      You can add a note to your order upon checkout requesting the wheel size. Since you already ordered though, you can email me at and I will put in your request for 53s.

  65. Maxi

    Will there be a restock in size 8 soon?

    • Erika Totanes

      Hey Maxi,

      Hopefully soon! Follow us on Instagram (@brailleshop) or join our mailing list to be notified of any restocks.

  66. kastorianmc

    I was just wondering when the dough boy complete will restock in size 8 boards

    • Erika Totanes

      Hopefully soon! Make sure to join our mailing list to be notified when we’re restocked.

  67. kastorianmc

    How often do u guys restock?

    • Erika Totanes

      We try our best to keep restocking at least every other week.

  68. Makeio Desadier

    When can I expect the size 8 to be back in stock?

    • Erika Totanes

      Hopefully soon! Make sure to join our mailing list to be notified when we’re restocked.

  69. Michael

    Just wondering when you guys will restock the size 8 dough boy boards

    • Erika Totanes

      Hopefully soon! Make sure to join our mailing list to be notified when we’re restocked.

  70. Luis

    is there grip tap on?

    • Erika Totanes

      Hi Luis,

      Yes, our completes come with griptape already applied unless requested otherwise in your order notes. You can make this request during the last page of checkout.

  71. Marcos Mercado

    Hey, I’m going to start skating. What board size should I buy? I’m a size 11 1/2 or 12

  72. Susan

    I’m a complete beginner debating between getting a size 7.75 & 8.0 in the dough boy complete. I’m a 16 year old teen with short height and small feet. What would be your recommendation? Also, do you guys ship to Pakistan?

    • Melissa Pope

      Hi Susan! I’d recommend starting with an 8.00 and going from there. Unfortunately we do not ship to Pakistan at this time. Thank you for your support, we appreciate you!

  73. Adrian Martinez

    If I wear a size 11 shoe in men what size broad should I get

  74. Bella

    I’m a complete beginner getting into skating. I’m a size 9 in women’s should I get a 7.75 or an 8? Also when will they be back in stock?

    • Melissa Pope

      Hi there! I’d recommend an 8.00, which we have in stock right now in blank completes 🙂

  75. ulises (verified owner)

    i just ordered the doughboy complete and I cant wait for it to get here.(thanks braille skateboarding!!!)

    • Melissa Pope

      Thank you for the support! We’re excited to get it to you! 🙂

  76. ulises.sanchez0117 (verified owner)

    hey braille company, what brand are the trucks and wheels that come in the doughboy complete set

    • Melissa Pope

      Hi Ulises! We carry a variety of wheels and trucks, feel free to email us at if you’d like to make a specific request for you order 🙂

  77. David G

    Hey , I ordered this board 9 or 10 days ago. I was wondering how much longer it will
    take to
    get here ? but i love your guys videos and boards !

    • Melissa Pope

      Hi David,
      I’m so sorry to hear that! Please reach out to our customer service team at and we’d be happy to look into that for you.

  78. Deer

    do you ship to Moldova ?

    • Melissa Pope

      We do! 🙂

  79. jack

    does the griptape come already on the board or do i have to do it myself? (im asking because im thinking of buying an individual colored griptape along with the board)

    • Melissa Pope

      Hi Jack! Completes comes with blank grip tape. If you purchase some colored grip tape, we can apply that for you as well or we can send it unassembled. If you’d like it to be sent unassembled, please leave a note at check out so we can be sure to oblige 🙂

  80. Logan

    What kind of grip does it come with and what color is the top of the board that the grip is on?

    • Melissa Pope

      Hi Logan,
      We alternate between MOB and Jessup grip tape. The color on the top of the board varies, a few options are red, blue, pink and green.

  81. Michael Allen

    Is it possiable to get non-abrasive grip on a complete deck?

    • Melissa Pope

      Absolutely! Just make sure to add the non-abrasive grip tape to your order as an additional item and leave a note for us (bottom left after clicking “Proceed to Checkout”) to apply it to your complete 🙂

  82. Adrian Martinez

    Hi I was wondering how long it would take to get shipped to Denver Colorado

    • Melissa Pope

      Hi Adrian,
      Our warehouses are on the west coast too, so my estimate would be 3-5 business days at the most. Hope that helps 🙂

  83. Keegan Smathers

    I Wear A Size 10 shoe what size board would be comfortable?

    • Devin Weber

      Probably an 8.0 or 8.25

  84. Logan

    If I get one can it come with am grip tape?

    • Devin Weber

      Unfortunately we do not have any AMGrip in stock.

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