First Try Beanies!!

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Our new First Try Braille Beanies are as comfortable as a they are becoming. One size fits all!


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You get out of bed.  You want to skate today, but your mom will be mad if you leave the house looking like a disheveled terrier. You don’t want to disrespect your mom, she raised you better than that. But you really want to get out there and get on your board.  Do you take that extra 15 minutes to shower and comb your hair? No. We’ve got you covered, literally and figuratively.  #BRAILLEBEANIE

Please note: Braille does support showering and hair brushing under most circumstances.


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Weight 2.6 oz

Blue, Red

2 reviews for First Try Beanies!!

  1. Connor Occhipinti

    Will you be restocking on your blue braille
    Beanies with the pom poms? I really want one but
    I saw you werent selling them anymore even though in the holiday gift ideas you showed a link to them…

    • Jen Latch

      Unfortunately they are out of stock and I don’t think we will be restocking them now.

  2. Miguel Aguirre

    This beanie was great quality and i really like it.Also Im a big fan of braille i have watched like every video of them on you-tube and I wanted to know if the braille shop was going to go have off on Christmas. Finally a im 12 And braille is a big inspiration for me not to give up on skating.

    • Melissa Pope

      We’re so glad to hear you like the beanie 🙂
      Yes, we get Christmas off but that doesn’t mean there won’t be video posted to the YouTube channel!
      Keep on skating Miguel

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