Broken Arm First Try Tee

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Get your first try moment wearing this shirt. Some say you can’t get injured wearing this shirt. Others say you can. You will never know until you test it yourself.

Designed by Drew Cantu.


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Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 14.5 × 19 × 1 in

Youth Small, Youth Medium, Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, XXL, 3XL, Youth Large, 4XL

15 reviews for Broken Arm First Try Tee

  1. Tison Whitten

    I love the design, and I seriously think that it should be put onto a hoodie or something with long sleeves.

    • April Sawachi

      Hi Tison thank you for the suggestion. We will definitely take in into account. : )

  2. Crow

    Fetty! ..Fetty! ..Fetty!

  3. first try

    needs a sweatshirt and i’ll buy that for sure

  4. florindabarrera

    Youth medium is out of stock cant wait till there back in!

  5. Wyatt Binion

    First tryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!

  6. Adam Crouch (verified owner)

    Amazing shirt thanks for making ot

  7. EddyB

    Love the shirt, love channel, Braille Army group of bros and your whole mission to bring something so awesome to everyone you can. Keep being awesome, keep filming, keep sharing, keep SKATING!

  8. Johny Nash

    It would be sick if it was a hoodie👍🏼

  9. Boomer

    I got it first try!! Said no lance ever….

  10. london

    it would be an epic hoddie

    • Erika Totanes

      That’s a cool idea.

  11. skater

    they are out of every size that would fit me bu it is an awesom t

    • Erika Totanes

      Hey Skater,

      Glad you think so!

  12. Jude Burton (verified owner)

    How long does delivery usually take?

    • Erika Totanes

      Once your package leaves our facility, it cake take 2-5 business days to arrive if shipping within the United States.

  13. Griffin Giles

    Do you guys sell this in adult smalls? Or is it just out of stock?

    • Erika Totanes

      Hi Griffin,

      Yes! We may just be out of stock at this moment. Hopefully we’ll get more soon.

  14. Griffin Giles

    I LOVE this t-shirt, it is hilarious! I was soooooxhappy when I received it! I think you should DEFINATELY get this! I have A question though, will the Braille x Revive boards come back, or is it a one time thing?

    • April Sawachi

      Awesome to hear! We have them on backorder. We have been having delays due to Covid-19


  15. Benson

    Love this shirt and love the message, the first try isn’t always perfect so get back up and go again.

    • Melissa Pope

      If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again 🙂

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