3D B Logo Deck

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We are so excited to announce our first ever Braille Skateboards!!! 

Own a part of skateboard history with Braille’s first ever decks. We chose one of the highest quality manufacturers in the world to produce our boards.

One of our most popular graphics, now on a deck!

PLEASE NOTE: Child size 7.375 is the length of an adult size board (approx. 31″)




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Additional information

Weight N/A

7.75, 8.00, 8.25, Youth size 7.375

8 reviews for 3D B Logo Deck

  1. tass

    Hey, I’m sorry not a review but I was wondering if the deck comes with griptape on it.

    • Erika Totanes

      Hi Tass,

      Our decks do not come with a sheet of grip tape. However, our completes do. If you have more shop related questions, please email us at shop@brailleskateboarding.com

  2. Bailey

    not a review but will price go up after the product is luached

    • Chloe Holmes

      No, it will remain the same

  3. John

    not a review what is the deck made of, how my ply is it, is there a curve before the nose or tail?

    • Melissa Pope

      Hi John 🙂
      The blank decks we currently have are 7-plys of maple wood. There is a curve before the nose and tail which is pretty standard concave/shape. Please email us at shop@brailleskateboarding.com if you’d like some more detailed pictures 🙂

  4. camden

    what side is the tail? I have the dragon deck I love it!

    • Melissa Pope

      Hi Camden,
      I have the same board and I love it as well! The tail is the side of the board that says “Kyro” written on the tail.

  5. Daniel Miles

    I’m a beginner and I’ve worn through my first deck to the point where it’s losing pop. Love this Braille deck but the low price is concerning. Do I need a $60+ deck? Thanks guys!

    • Devin Weber

      You really don’t need a $60 deck unless you are going to be doing some intense stair tricks or putting a lot of strain on the deck. These were made by PS Stix which is one of the best decks in the business. We have a heavier duty Bamboo deck coming out tomorrow that is also a good option for you. Spoiler alert?

  6. Mason

    Is it free shipping?

    • Devin Weber

      No it is not.

  7. Mason

    I’m sorry but how much is shipping

    • Devin Weber

      It varies according to where you live. Average cost within the Continental US is $13

  8. sushi

    question… is this a good deck for boul skating? also braille you are awesome! ps: jd you amazing!!!

    • Devin Weber

      Yes it is.

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