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Donate to the First Try Foundation Red Lodge Skatepark!

We are helping to fix up Red Lodge Skatepark in Montana! This is an extremely special project, near and dear to Aaron’s heart. See below for more details.First Try Foundation is recognized by the US Government as a non-profit our Tax ID # is 82-3075991.


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Red Lodge Skatepark

When I was 7, my family moved to Red Lodge, Montana to settle down and run a family hotel.  My dad’s job required a lot of travel. This was his chance to stay in one location and raise a family.

Red Lodge is a small town with a population of about 2,000.  It has a growing community of incredibly talented people.

It was in the beautiful mountains of Red Lodge that I fell in love with both skateboarding and making videos.

However, growing up as a skater in Red Lodge was difficult.  No one really understood skateboarding and it was not allowed anywhere.  The few “street spots” that existed were pretty rough and you would get kicked out all the time.  The winters are brutally cold and the summers are brutally hot.  It’s one extreme or the other. In spite of the barriers, this is where I grew up skating.

When I was 18 years old, I decided enough was enough and I needed a place to skateboard.  I went to city council with a proposal. I received a plot of land and $25,000 to build a skatepark.  I wrote a separate grant and got another $10,000.  With that money I got a cement slab laid down and began searching for ramps.  The weather is so harsh, wood was not really workable – so I ordered some metal ramps off of the internet.  I also ordered a plastic bench and a flat bar.  That was basically all there was to the park when I left.  A small metal pyramid, a bench and a flat bar.  We would make manual pads out of crates and pieces of wood and were very happy with what we had.

Shortly after the park was complete I left the town and went off to college.

I would go back to visit my family every so often and would check in on the park.

A new mini ramp was built.  The concrete slab was extended.  Someone even built a cement ledge – which is pretty awesome!  I am super proud of all of the people that put work into the park and kept up with the creativity after I left.

Despite the best of intentions, the general condition of the park could not be properly maintained.  With the harsh weather, about the only thing that can survive and maintain a good condition is concrete.  The wood ramps have holes, the metal is bending up and the overall condition of the park is going more towards a safety hazard as opposed to a family friendly place where people can learn to skateboard.  If some action isn’t taken to put a proper park there, it will eventually be shut down.

I personally handled the beginnings of this park and I am incredibly proud to have put something there that the community has been able to use for so many years.  I fully intend to see through the renovations of a new park that is cost effective for the city to handle and that can be a safe place for people of all ages to learn to skateboard.

I started the First Try Foundation as a non profit to give skateboards away to kids in need.  I always knew it would progress into skateparks.  I’m very happy that the Red Lodge Skatepark will be our first project we embark upon.  I have no idea really what we are getting into on this or how hard or how much work it will be, but like anything we do, we will just jump in and give it our best.  This project really means the world to me.  Any donation is so highly appreciated, I cannot even begin to tell you.

The First Try Foundation is a 501C3 non-profit, so 100% of your donations are tax deductible.  100% of the money raised will go directly to the skatepark.  We are working with Evergreen Skateparks and the Montana Skatepark Association who have been building amazing skateparks all over Montana.  We will build a full concrete park that can handle the weather.  The current slab will need to be demolished as well as all of the ramps.  The land would be shaped, the concrete poured, and the metal railings installed.  The goal is to raise $200,000 to fully complete this project.  It’s a big goal, but if everyone works together I know we can pull it off in no time 💪.

Anything you can give would be amazing and if you cannot give any money, sharing this page on your social media accounts will go a long way!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️

Aaron Kyro

We created The First Try Foundation as a resource for people everywhere to get a skateboard no matter their ability to pay.

All monetary donations will be used for skateboard gear purchase and distribution.

All donations count. Let’s give everyone a chance to experience the joy of skateboarding!

If you’d like to donate skate gear, please send to :

First Try Foundation – Braille Skateboarding

14682 Washington Ave

San Leandro, Ca 94578


Thank you so much for your support!

First Try Foundation is recognized by the US Government as a non-profit our Tax ID # is 82-3075991.  All monetary or property donations are tax deductible and you will be mailed a donation letter of receipt.  Please ensure your name and address is on any packages sent to us.

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9 reviews for First Try Foundation Red Lodge Skatepark Project

  1. Coleton

    Hey Aaron, just gonna leave a donation because I fully support the effort to build a solid park for your hometown. Good luck!

  2. Unknown

    Sorry man

    • Erika Totanes

      Thank you for commenting. We appreciate your interest in this cause.

  3. IDK Joe Mama

    I love your message in your videos. Who care what others think, so long as you better yourself and are happy improving being above average. Keep it up, there’s a bright future ahead for Braille, just within reach.

    • Erika Totanes

      Hi Elijah,

      Thank you for your support! It’s viewers like you that make Braille what it is.
      We appreciate ya!

      – Erika, Community Manager.

  4. Robin Vandenbulcke (verified owner)

    I might never be able to get there, but this has my support! Continue being amazing. Greetings from Belgium

    • Erika Totanes

      Thank you for your kind support!

  5. Anonymous

    So…do you plan on giving us an update of how much money has been raised so far? What will become of the donations if the $200,000 goal is not reached? Will they be returned, as would be the case if this were on GoFundMe?

    • Erika Totanes

      Thanks for your interest!
      Follow us on Instagram (@brailleskate) where we update our viewers on any news within the Braille House!

  6. Jamie streets

    This is amazing being a person living in Montana that skates it’s so hard to find good parks or good spots for that matter keep shredding!!!

    • Jen Latch

      Hey thanks! We are excited about this project!

  7. Isaac

    Aaron, I know how you feel I LOVE to skateboard, but I live in an even smaller town and we don’t have any ramps or anything, so I would be happy to donate, to kids who don’t have anything to skate on.

  8. Isaac

    Aaron I know how you feel, I LOVE to skateboard, but I dont even a skate park here, the nearest one is 15 miles from here, the population here is 1600, so I will try to donate something for the kids at red lodge.

  9. logan

    aw man i was just in red lodge this summer. me and some buddies hit up the park and went longboarding on Beartooth pass before it opened for cars. id love to see the skate scene grow and with all the snowboarders in town for the winter, there’s definitely a demand for it. best of luck dude

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