Signed Fetty Hat!


Signed Fetty Hats!

These new Fetty hats are signed by:

Fetty Potter

Aaron Kyro

Carlos Lastra

Gabe Cruz

Nigel Jones

Troy Young

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You get out of bed.  You want to skate today, but your mom will be mad if you leave the house looking like a disheveled terrier. You don’t want to disrespect your mom, she raised you better than that. But you really want to get out there and get on your board.  Do you take that extra 15 minutes to shower and comb your hair? No. We’ve got you covered, literally and figuratively.  #BRAILLEHAT

Please note: Braille does support showering and hair brushing under most circumstances.

No Fetty’s were harmed in the making of this hat.

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Weight 2.9 oz
Dimensions 14.5 × 19 × 1 in


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