Introduction to Skateboarding Tricks

So once you are comfortable riding your board, it’s time to learn some tricks!

Learning tricks can be.. well.. tricky. So if you are not comfortable with trying to learn to ollie yet, we have come up with a few tricks even easier than an Ollie to help you get more comfortable on your board and land some things that are still fun!

The first one we are going to go over is really fun and super easy so let’s walk you through it!

Trick #1

First you are going to want to flip your board over so that the grip tape is on top of your shoes and your feet are on the ground.  Next you want to jump. The momentum of your feet jumping will cause the board to flip and you will land on the board, wheels down and that’s it!

Congratulations you just landed your first trick!

Trick #2

The next skateboarding trick is something we are going to call a Nose Bleed! This is because it is similar to a nose stall but a little easier. Don’t worry. No bloody nose is required!

First thing you want to do is find a curb with a nice square edge. Next you are going to run into, yes, run into the ledge with your skateboard. The key is right before your nose hits the ledge you just put a little pressure on your tail which will cause the front wheels to come off the ground. Then once your nose gets onto the ledge you are going to want to put all your weight onto your front foot (nose of the skateboard) sit there for a second, then roll off!

That was your second easiest skate trick! Essentially a nose stall but a little easier because you don’t have to Ollie in.

Trick #3

Now for easiest skate trick number 3, a Caveman!

In order to do a caveman you are going to want to get used to jumping and landing on your skateboard. Keep practicing that.  

Once you’ve gotten comfortable jumping onto your board you are going to want to pick up your board with one hand, drop the board, let it hit the ground and then jump on it. You can speed up this process so that you are jumping on your board before it even hits the ground.  Once you finally land this, congrats you did a caveman!

Trick #4

Trick number 4 is riding off a curb.

Now this is probably the hardest trick so far because you are going to need to be able to ride your board around very comfortably. You are also going to want to be able to lift the front wheels off of the ground. You don’t have to be amazing at manuals, but comfortable enough on your board to lift the front wheels off the ground.

If you are comfortable riding your board and lifting the front wheels up then you are ready to take it off a curb! This is a great skill to know because you will encounter needing to go down curbs often while skating.

What you want to do is ride up to the curb and about 2 or 3 inches before you ride off the edge you are going to want to lift your front wheels up slightly and continue riding, then you will drop down and ride away! This can take a little commitment but if you go for it and have riding around on lock, you WILL be able to land it!

The last trick we have is a Boneless.

Trick #5

For a boneless you are going to want to be riding your board, not at a fast pace but just rolling. You then want to take your front foot off the board and grab the board with whichever hand is on the same side of your body as the foot you took off. You are then going to want to pick the board up while keeping your back foot still on the tail, essentially standing on one foot.  This is where the Caveman comes in handy because once you are standing on one foot you are going to want to jump, put your other foot on in the air and let go of the board with your hand. You then stick the landing and you’ve got it!

That is your very first Boneless!

These tricks may seem simple for those who have been skating for a long time, but this is for those who have just gotten comfortable riding on their boards.

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